BVBA Tour Newfoundland

Grit those teeth, it’s gonna be a ruff ride

The riff committee

Kate; band merchant, sandwich artist, movie star, oh and sketchy host

What a groovy place to take a whiz

Enter the ferry, 6 hrs of nauseating bliss

That leftover box of ‘Lick A Chik’ seemed like a good idea at the time… hey is that GG Allin passed out in the back there?

Wild is the wind


Getting ready to rocket to Corner Brook

The great B.A singing for his life

God bod

St. John’s, here we go

My old friend Craig Power’s band ‘Cafeteria’  makin’ the arters s(wet)

David, a man of neat sweaters

Off to ‘tourist’ it up to the top of Signal Hill

David the promoter, Byrd Dog and the lovely Audrey

It’s a long way to the top

Famous street of debauchery

Soon home to the real ducks of Dartmouth

Montreal/Ottawa Voyage

It all starts with cheese curds

Rules, shmules

My friend Cory the poet who’z out of it

Space eggs

He who dreams of powerchord combos

Nice ninja

Astral Gunk ripping it

Montreal connection (Rajee and Cory) like them? know we do

Our friend’s baby Audrey, right cute, our bass player Evan, right normal

Sometimes you just gotta flip it up yo

Kool projections at Pressed, the sandwich joint we played in Ottawa

Punkton’s own Thalidomy kids!

The Visitors hooking us up

Had to happen in Quebec City at the diner near Sam’s

Tender moments

End Of Slumber

So we’re hittin the road at midnight for Montreal so wish us luck. Pics will b taken, so don’t become a stranger.

NB Rocks

Here we go! (The Aberdeen Cultural Centre, Moncton)

John Jerome & The Congregation,  kicking it like The King

Sweatin’ to the oldies with B.A Johnston

Into the swampy depths with Shevil

Another breakfast that will bring us all closer to the grave

Classic B.A and Snyle

The rhythm method

Wild man hangs over Fredtown  (The Capital)

Another late night garbage fest

  Wonder boys

Aw ain’t that sweet

Chasing the beaver II

So tired and old

(Coming soon the ‘Ice Cream Man’ rap)

Track off new Black Train LP by Bad Vibrations. Contact us at for product info or any other ??

Bad Blood NB Trip

Moonsocket aka Chris The Great (Gallery Connexion in Fredericton)

Bloodhouse throwing down the bluez

A classic night at the Prospect Inn

Cabin fever

Back in Kyle country (Moncton)

Doin’ the right thing

Defaced db

The Bloods destroyin the big stage (The Manhattan)

Thee Requiems hav got the hooks yo

Reqs Set

Trip & Skip

Black Train Tour Day 10-11-12

Highway passing can be risky business

The dirty black train (Ottawa)

This bird knows what’s up

Some more tourism

Bike racks in the Nation’s Capital

Waiting around at CHUO for BV’s bs-sesh to end

Roberta Bondar was on fire (literally)

Fryday at The Babylon

Lost lumberjacks

K-Rat and Dom

Best costume

Dance party takes over

Nothing for Montreal, soarry

Trick or treat (Quebec City)

Disco baby majik

Da wizard in effect

Sam talking to Evan about French gangster rap

Ski rad kid (from my Grade 6 class) is now a grown man

ol buds in the new age

Another poutine war to fight and to lose

sleep creepin’

… or you will be eating from one of these

Day 8-9

Da wizard

Should we?

The face only a mother could love

The epic Huron Union

Young Wife howlin’ like the wolf

The beginning of a pizza Party in Kingston. Best vegan za eva!

Space folk duo, Summer Haze

The great Charles Hayward (This Heat drummer) The rattlesnake

Sweet hang outs at Streeters’

Burger Train Tour Day 6-7

Checkin’ out Ken’s train set

Say yeah

Day off (Fort Erie)

Lil green dude was showing some tude

Hangin’ in a poor man’s Las Vegas (Niagara)

The Sky Wheel (10 dollas a ride- worth it)

livin’ the high life

Tourist at heart

America falls

Helping out the folks by giving the lawn a mohawk

Father and son Cardwell

DB Cyborg Pt. 3

Tuezday night Kitchener, feelin awight

back to rock

nice lighter

Black Train Tour Day 4-5

Tripwich (Homegrown-Hamilton)

Working on a dream set

Born Wrong (nice Poison Idea cover, boys)

The Mystics know how to garage it up

The Caravan Motel is the shits

Is that a bb gun hole in the fridge?

Halloween concert Evan’s sis played in. Yes that is Darth Vader conducting

Sunday night at the legendary Merchant Ale House

the man behind the good times

Da peops are out

Bad vibes for sale

TV Freaks were wild man